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That was the message for our campaign for Shaftesbury, whose portfolio stretches across 14 streets, covering almost five acres, in one of London’s most beloved areas. While Carnaby is shopping, food, drink and culture central, it’s less well known as the perfect office location. An eclectic mix of high tech purpose built offices and Georgian townhouses demanded a campaign like no other.

We wanted to create an exciting feel for the office space, appealing to – well… people like us – creative, media, fun-loving business types… who want to work and enjoy the after hours that Carnaby offers. Enter our illustrative genius Jack, who brought his quick-witted quirky and humorous style to the project. A whole pre-let and ongoing marketing campaign has evolved, and is designed so that new tenants can feel part of Carnaby for the long term!

Concept / Campaign / Digital / Film / Design / Print / Illustration / Art / Merchandise
Carnaby - Tablet Website
Carnaby Particulars - On Device
Carnaby Particulars - On Device
Carnaby - Particulars on device
Carnaby Animation Skater

The illustration

Playful & powerful

We love using people in our marketing. It brings life and an emotional connection to a campaign. Quite often we look to engage with the potential occupier when marketing a single building, but here, with the whole estate to consider, we wanted to present the sales team and give each of the team their unique identity. We did this using illustrations, bringing out real elements of the agents’ character. This wasn’t simply playful, it was also a valuable sales technique.

Carnaby - Character Illustration

Meet Matt

Carnaby - Character Illustration


Carnaby - Character Illustration


Carnaby - Character Illustration

& Lois

Carnaby - Lifestyle Animation
Carnaby Animation Jugglers

A careful selection was required for the typeface selection. We needed a typeface to sit well both with the existing Carnaby brand as well as stand out and stand-alone.

We felt the Tomorrow typeface worked really well with the Carnaby logo. The cut of the type uses the same 45 degree angles that the logo has sliced into it giving a very close synergy between the two, thus creating a sense of they were meant to be together.

Carnaby - Typeface Tomorrow

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